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Fuel Your Wanderlust with London Travel Itinerary

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

How is the excitement of your London travel? Is it like a forest fire you can smell it, taste it and see it from a mile away? Of course, yes! The capital of the United Kingdom is a thriving metropolis that is to be explored with all heart and soul.The big contrast between the spectacular historical sites and the multicultural tradition makes a visit to London an absolute interesting adventure. Wander through St. James Park, explore the fancy streets of Shore ditch, visit Westminster Abbey, and take a romantic ride up through the River Thames. The incredible shopping experience, endless sightseeing, good food and vibrant nightlife offer something for every kind of traveller. Here’s an ultimate London travel guide on how to make the most of your London travel itinerary.

With all these options, planning a scintillating trip to London can be a bit overwhelming, especially for first time visitors. We have put together a short 3 days London travel itinerary that will help you explore the major highlights if you are on a short visit for 3 to 4 days in London.

This suggested 3 days London travel itinerary has you visiting all the city’s most famous attractions, like- Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, Tower of London as well as some of the lesser known attractions.

Getting Around in London

From a traveller’s point of view, London is best explored either on foot or by public transportation. There are other options like cabs and bike hires. The city has a great public transportation network and most visitors prefer travelling on it. This includes tram, bus, and rail services (including “the Tube”) within the city.

Trips from London

If you only have short time for your London travel itinerary, then it is recommended spending the full 3 to 4 days in the city itself as there is so much to see, eat, do and take in! But there are visitors, who want to explore attractions outside of London, such as Oxford, Stonehenge, or the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio.

London Itinerary

Explore Westminster

You can start your trip to London in Westminster as it is the cultural, geographical,and political center of the city. Here one can find some of London’s most iconic buildings, including Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster, and Westminster Abbey.

Parliament Square & Houses of Parliament

Parliament Square is a well-known public square in Westminster that you can easily get to via public transport. Around the square, there are statues of a number of famous people, including Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Robert Peel, and Gandhi.

Buckingham Palace

One of the most famous palaces in the UK is Buckingham Palace. It serves as the primary London residence for the reigning sovereign of the United Kingdom. The royal palace was built in 1703 as a townhouse for the Duke of Buckingham, but later acquired by King George III.

Trafalgar Square & the National Gallery

You can’t miss Trafalgar Square from your travel list as this is one of the most popular public squares in London and is home to Nelson’s Column. The square features some performing street artists and contemporary art.


Now you can walk down to Whitehall, which is the street running from Trafalgar Square towards Parliament Square. The Palace of Whitehall is a large medieval royal palace that stood here until it was destroyed by fire in 1698. It was the largest palace in the world with over 1,500 rooms!

Westminster Bridge

Now we recommend walking across Parliament Square and onto Westminster Bridge. This bridge dates back to 1862 but there has been a bridge here since 1750. From the bridge, you’ll have a fantastic view back of the Houses of Parliament and the River Thames. You can then take a walk along the Thames or head off to dinner.

London Eye

For a wonderful experience, don’t miss your visit to the London Eye. It is Europe’s tallest observation wheel and a great place to get wonderful views over London and the Thames. Visitors stand in awe on this giant ferris wheel and it spins very slowly to give visitors expansive views.

Place to Stay in London

If you are planning a short visit similar to our suggested 3 to 4 days London travel itinerary, it is better to stay in central London to avoid added travel time. Choose any hotel in the region between Kensington in the west and Canary Wharf in the east.

London has diverse range of accommodation option that you can imagine, from inexpensive lodge to self-catering apartments to 5-star luxury hotels. Your stay depends on your budget, right?

Let’s be frugal and find some budget-friendly chains like Holiday Inn Express, Travelodge, Best Western, Premier Inn, and Ibis. Again, there are some really classic luxury hotels to choose from like The Ritz, The Dorchester, Brown’s, and The Savoy.

Overall, London is an expensive city so you need to lose your purse string to make the most out of your travel experience. Expect to pay a bit more than you might normally in other destinations. But, when you book in advance and compare prices, you are sure to find a great deal that will fit most budgets. Finally, no matter wherever you go, go with all your heart. Happy travelling!!!

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